Wednesday 19 June 2013


In spite of the time I've managed to waste- to be honest, I had a lot more fun making a ton of mistakes while sketching, then attempting to be perfect. I was laughing with glee while making this mess of happy accidents that are my sketches. Each pencil stroke was tempting me to smile. I'm not ashamed to say that I drew a lot of fanart, rather then original-based art pieces.

I deciate this to that guy we skyped the day before, on monday, Dick Hogg. I used to be so afraid of making mistakes that it have withdraw my liking towards art into fear, and plain misery. Easily, I was frustrated with everything that I did, related to art, that I stop making art for long periods of time. It was not a good time. 

However, after we skyped with Dick Hogg, it left a good feeling to do art again. To not care about how it looked was amazing, as I drew cartoonish ghosts, and shadow-y Sid Viscious. 

Although, the day before we skyped with that guy, I was already laughing at what I have drawn that night- Roosterteeth and Hot Hoof crosssover art piece. It was so cartoonish that I've loved it so much. That guy, he just provided a greater fuel of moviation to draw some more. 

Which I did with no dread, at all. 

Now my drawings in the future may not be so rubbish. Ahah.

Warning that there are swears written on these sketches, more then once; 

Here are a few ideas that I had in mind to use- maybe; 

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