Friday 21 June 2013

Reflecting & Evaluating

I was going to write a fake interview, but I do not have enough timn to afford such things.

Moving on.

Our learning goal is mainly to create an art piece, by following every step of the creative process- careful planning, if you will. 

Did I achieved the learning goals of this self representation project? 

Even though following the creative process was a struggle itself, I know that I reached that goal. It is because I produced an artwork. Also, followed every step and then blogging about the high and lows of each step, and I had actual fun following the steps. 

If that was not reaching our seemingly simple, yet time consuming goal, then how would you attain such high expectations? Hm. 

Did you use your time to the best of your ability?

If you know, even if you said hi to me once, then you know that I lack time managaement skills. A lot is lacking. I did not invested my time until the very last 5 days of the course. That being said, it would be lying, and truthful if I used my time to the best of my ability.

How so?

For the very last days, I spend most of my free time upon this art project, and any other thing related to school was irrelevant to me. Surprisely, I have managed to finished the creative process in 5 days, no more. What were the odds of that, eh?

 I'm canadian, that is how we do it around in our igloos.

Nevertheless, iy is not a secret that if your work hard towards something, you will be awarded equally to your hard work, and boy, it did. I managed to finish an assignment that was 30% percent of my course, in such a short time too. I am quite proud of myself for doing so- that does not happened often.

To those reading this blog post, I appreciate the fact that you even viewed my blog. It means a lot.

Sorry, I did not mean to get all sappy, but I want you to know that I appreciate your efforts. That does not happened a lot either.

To appreciate for what you have is rarely seen now-a-days,amongst anybody, especially when changes are happening for anybody.

If I could change anything, to be honest this art culminating was a changing experience for me, for the better. I would not change anything, because sure, I'd wish I could have used more of the time I was given before the due date. In spit of myself wishing for more time being spent, or for other particular things, the phrase " Everything happens for a reason."  applies here.

If I would have done something different from what happened, then I would not have learn the things I have learn from all of this, the self representation project.

What did I learn?

I would not have learned that time management is important. Also, I would not have learned that it is okay to make mistakes, after all, I intend to think that everything must be a spectacular masterpiece for a new york art gallery. Then I would not have learned that if I do not make mistakes, then how could I improve at all? Then I learned that following this process makes you think, you learn a few things, and it helps you organized your planning a lot better. Overall, I feel that this assignment offered more then what I thought it be as- it's exceptional.

It is just that I am lazy, so to give me the responsibility of something so time consuming that I either stressed out to the point that I hand in something that can qualify as poop, or I do not do it all. This assignment proves that I can do better then what people expect of me. I like that.

Speaking of the creative process, it provides a lot of questions that I can easily break down my thoughts into the appropiate sections, by each question. Yes, I have already mentioned that this crwative process takes some time. Yet you feel so proud of what you written, because the questions covered a lot that results in a lot of content to provide to those who are reading it. Additionally, I am a fan of answering questions, despite the struggle of providing decent entertaintment to the reader.

Likewise, to recieve feedback from others have also provided great help to approaching the learning goal of this assignment. By providing some sort of direction that I can either accept it and move onto the next step, or to reject this direction and to attempt to create my new path.

 However, it would be silly to reject their help, because these persons have taken the time out of their day to help you. Besides, why would you waste time on something that has already been provide by another, for  you? Possibly someone whose stubborn would act this way.

I do not mind acquring help from others. In truth, I love to recieve help because you learn how to do that thing that you've been struggling with all along.

Other then that, I supposed that I do not have any other thoughts on the matter.

Cheers! It was nice working with internet, which I hope to work again very soon with my fellow comrades, that are anonymous.

Presenting & Performing

Instead of simply showing the final art
piece, I have chose to show a step-by-step process AND to show the final art piece. 


Here is what I am attempting to create a tribute to- The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod, 3rd book, Tenth Grade Bleeds. Tenth Grade does indeed bleeds, like hell. ANYWAYS, here is what I have started with; 

Alternatively, I chose to not trace a whole new page just for guidelines. Why waste time when I already have what I need? Plus I have the ability to make a mess- somehow. So would matter if I proceed to act more neat? No. 

First, I did was to watercolour the vampire-like smile-y to purple. 

Second, I added black to every other gap to create a similar resemblance to the original novel cover- Tenth Grade Bleeds. 

Third, I have used charcoal to darken the black watercolour section. Then I created a background, by blending, with my finger, to thust the extra charcoal around Vladimir Tod. This is to create an atmosphere. 

Fourth, if any of you can noticed the difference, I use a tortillon to soothe the rough finger blending. In order to make the charcoal shading-like background more of a haze. 

Fifth, if the face has charcoal, then all other gaps that appear as skin should have charcoal as well. I did this to give Vladimir Tod a more realistic look, with the shading on the skin. 

Finally, I decided to use black acrylic paint on top of the black layer. So, then the art piece can have more texture when you feel it- that is.

That is it. 

Revising & Refining

Well, I'd shared my work with 7 different persons, and almost everybody has given me feedback- only 2 persons have not replied. 

The first person said, "Good, you're getting there. Proud of you for doing your work. One suggestion is to maybe make your lines more defined and stuff. Darken it up a bit?" 

I replied, "Thanks. And these are guidelines for the watercolour and paint, mainly. So that is why it so messy, thin, and a little shaky-looking."

Then that person responded with "Oh watercolour!!! My favorite! Now I see your technique." 

I thanked, then agreed with that person. 

After I showed the second person, this person commented, "Ok." I immediately included, "Well, they're guidelines for water colour, and painting."

Then this person reciprocated with their suggestion, "It looks good, but I think with the paint, it will look way better."

I agreed with this person, and then thanked the person for their opinion, and suggestion.

Soon followed by another person who supported me, with more feeback "It's really good. I like the whole setup, and I loved that you said that's your favorite one out of the novel series."

Which I acknowledged by thanking this person, then I asked for anything that I can improve on the art piece. 

Thus the person returned with, "Lol. No problem stink, (my group of friends referred to each other as "stink", or "stinks", as a term of endearment) and not that I can think of. Overall, it's really good." 

Again, I'd say thanks to the person. 

Later, I have recieved more feedback from another person, "K. That's really good. I really do like it." 

As expected, I have thanked this person, and then I, of course, asked for any kind of improvement. 

This person does not think so, which I'd easily accepted their answer. 

Yet, I knew that there is always something I can improve on- but I did not argued with the person. 

Instead, I'd thanked the person, and to have made my merry way onto other matters, such as studying for my exam. 

Lastly, our final person had trouble viewing the content.

 Hence, I have chose to solve our problem by sending the photos, of the original novel cover and drawing to Jane Doe; to be attended with my short commentary. 

Eagerily, Jane doe returned of what I'd requested- feeback, " That looks really awesome *insert smile-y face* like super good job."

I inquire for improvement, and suggestion. 

Jane Doe types back with, "No, it looks awesome the way it is! *insert smile-y face*."

Again, I provided courtesy with some more thanks, and Jane Doe responds with "No problem. *insert smile-y face*."

In reality, only two out of the five persons have provided both feedback, and suggestions. 

Now, I do not mind compliments, in fact compliments can improve my day with instant smiling from me. However, I'd feel that compliments leave me no further direction towards improvement. Instead, I inferred it as that it is perfect, as in we do not want any changes- perfect is a flaw itself. To be honest, I do not like changes either, but I rather not limit myself - to what people want it to be. In preference, I would welcome changed to my arms then limits, any day. 

By the two persons suggestions, and to have agreed with all of it, I am going to use the suggestions for the final draft.

Through the medium of creating define guidelines, then fulfilling particular gaps with the favourable art mediums- watercolour, acraylic paint, and possibly charcoal. 

Other then that, I feel that there is no need for more changes, as I am sastified with my preliminary. 

Thursday 20 June 2013


I've decided to go with the Vladimir Tod idea. This is the third book cover of the Chronicles of Vladimir Tod novel series, and it is my favorite book out of the entire series. 

EDIT: I forgot to mention this, but these are guidelines for watercolour, acrylic paint, and possibly charcoal. 

Wednesday 19 June 2013

Exploring & Experimenting

Okay, I have calmed down now- A few days ago, I have experimented with two different mediums- Sharpies, and Charcoal. The other mediums that I present in this post have been done beforehand. However, in order to prove that I have experiment with a few different mediums, I will present older art works that contain different mediums on different surfaces for art. I will say which is new, and which is old, so then you are informed of what is happening. 

I attempted to start my prelimnary with charchoal, but I had easily become too frustrated with the mistakes I made. So I decided to focus on making something different. New.

I wanted to draw the intricate design of this large hair brett I have, with charcoal. I adore it. The following for the shading in the background, the 3 dots under the Chronicles of Vladimir Tod smile-y, and the unintentional tree surrounding these things. New.

This is the infamous Roosterteeth/Hot Hoof crossover fanart piece I was referring to, in my "Sketches" post. It is so silly, yet so perfect. There are the 6 who particpated in the Things to do in Minecraft series- Hot Hoof, Michael, Gavin, Geoff, Ryan, Ray, and Jack. 

I can imagine that Gavin would not listen to everybody's hellish warnings to not anger that very same self acclaimed witch, in real life they met. He provoked her, or him in some manner, or form. Then the witch managed to turn Gavin, and his crew into the choosen sheep from Hot Hoof, for angering him, or her. Michael is Ur-ine (yellow), Gavin is Princeton (purple), Geoff is Orangey (orange),  Ryan is Edgar 2 (blue), Ray is Thaddeus the Red (red)  and Jack is Tostada (green). All hell would break loose as Michael, Geoff, and Jack would ganged up on Gavin, and beat the bloody pulp of him, Ray would explore with his new body, and Ryan would be in total awe, and suprise.

I attempted to draw the sheeps colours with the face of their owners- it turned out cute, but nothing extraoridianary, yet it's perfect for what it is. Sharpies. New.

Here's another art piece that I talked about in the "Sketches post". The one with the cartoonish ghosts, and Sid Viscious. I experimented with chalk in this one. New. 

 Who remembers this art piece from posts earlier? No? Okay, then- This is a supposed to be a male model in a leather jacket, and the original picture is amongst the 15,000 other photos on my iPhone. This is old, and I was experimenting with chalk, and pepsi, accidently. 

Can I tell you a secret?

Can you?!

Okay, well you better keep it a secret, and not tell anybody else. 



That is my brother's Machine Gun Kelly CD, Lace Up. I decided it would be fun to paint a part of it with Acraylic Red paint. Ahah. I should run, but I have a feeling he does not care as much as he does for his X-Box. Ahah- This is convincing myself that everything will be okay. I would awkwardly, in hope it would go away for good. This is new. 

This was for an assignment I was supposed to hand in for Careers. It was my way of representing my results from unit 1. Water colour. This is old. 

Another water colour painting that I was supposed to hand in, except this one is for Art. This is old. 

I really liked what I'd done here with the lettering- This was supposed to be due for an assignment, from last semester. I did not care for how it looked like, before, because I just wanted to have my work done. Now, I think the way I drew each letter is sharp. I like it. Old. Mechanical Pencil. 

This is one of the few assigments that involved art work, and I actually finished. Although it was not on time. Here, I remembered I experimented with cursive, brown and yellow watercolour paint, water, dirt, ripping paper and burning edges of this thing I made. I can not remember what it was supposed to be. However, this paper took one hell of a beating from me, and I don't regret it. Definitely Old. 

Final piece. Oh pepsi, who remembers this?! Ahah. 

This is with Prismacolour Scholar, and well, it could have been better executed. However, the concepts are quite obvious. You see a variety of colours, which I really like about this art piece, and one of the few reasons I still keep it to this day. This art piece was from last year, so Old no doubt. 

There you go- I presented you the  many artworks that involve different methods, different surfaces, and different mediums. 

 With charcoal, what I'd enjoy about it that it smudges really easily, so then shading is a lot more of a challenge- which I like. It's very darkening, even against the tone of the tan sketchbook I have. How you use the tool like the strokes, and the technique you use to create those strokes matter a lot, in general. 

Except when it smudges very easily, to a place I did not want to smudge on was very frustrating. I did not want it to look messy, but the fact I was using charcoal would be near impossible to be completely neat with this medium. 

For sharpies, what I'd enjoy about the permnament markers that they brightly colour like a neon sign. They appear, regardless of what your background is. If you overlay the strokes ontop of one another, then you would definitely noticed if you did, or not; which I quickly attempted to take advantage of. 

Then there is the fact that it is permnament. Once you press it against the paper, then it is there forever, which has worried me a bit too much. Plus, if you use the usual stiff nibs, instead of the brush, it will be definitely harder to have more expressive lines for your artwork. Also, the ink would bleed too easy through the paper, which makes it harder for those who use sharpies. What if you want to go all out, but you can not due to the fact that you do not want stain your kitchen table? Then what? Well, that was it like for me. 

With Chalk, I found it was a medium that I dislike more than I came to like it. Chalk is frustrating for those who has hard strokes, so it is a struggle to shade nicely. It is hard to define details in smalll art works. Also, your hand would gradually turn the same colour as your hand. If you had black paper, then you could have incidently smudge the paper. Other then those things, Chalk can be a 
medium I would like if it was not so frustrating. 

Acraylic Paint is one of the mediums that I use often as watercolour paint. I like painting, especially with acraylic. As it dries, everything you did with the paint is apparent on your medium, especially the shade of red I used. If you layered it, then  the paint would dry out with form, some of painted parts have bumps, and others are flat; like land. Indeed, the paint remains unlike watercolour. Although I wish the paint can be layered more thicker, and opaque with one layer. Other then that, Acraylic Paint is a medium I've enjoyed.

Watercolours. Beautiful. It is a medium that requires your time, and effort to be slow, and gentle with the consistance, and the how much water you use. Every time I use watercolour, I can just stare for hours at how beautiful it appeared. It's ending appearence is what keeps me to use watercolour. However, fhe fact that it requires little direction of your doing- it is you who is painting, not the paint. Yet there has to be a balance with it. I don't think you understand if you have not use watercolour before, otherwise it appears that I am rambling. 

Ordinary pencil is another favorite medium of mine. It is simple, cheap, and darkens quite nicely on your medium. Wood, paper, canvas- it does it's job. 

Nevertheless, if you darken with the pencil too much, then it have a glare. That is the one thing I not ever liked about ordinary pencil. 

Thin tip marker is perfect for lettering, cursive, swirls with many thin lines, or anything in that relation. If you were to use it for filling large gaps, it would cost less if you use larger size markers. That is what I'd recommend. 

Finally, pencil crayons are a neutral medium for me. I love all the vivid colours that come with pencil crayons. Anyhow blending is a problem for me- I do not know how to blend, to be honest. It is still a mystery to me. 

Watercolour, and pencil crayon work together. A hazy, soft colouring will be the result of these two mixing together. I'm a fan of soft, smoke-like art. 

Watercolour, and dirt work together. It results in a grunge-like texture of the art work. Old, dirty, and anicent. Getting messy is what I like. 

Watercolour, water and pen work together. If you place watercolour first, it dries, then pen, it dries, then water, the ink, and watercolour will blend a little together. Depending on colour the ink is, it would be a more vivid shade with the colour, or to be more darker with the colour, or to simply mix colours. Either way, I think it is a cool mixture of different yet related mediums, if you will. 

My tired mind can only think of these 3 at the moment. 

Planning & Focusing

In the previous post that I've made, I have presented many ideas that I could have possibly use entirely; or to draw more ideas from that idea; like a flow chart. 

My ideas;
• Dethcamp - Metalocalypse
• Typical Michael and Gavin antics - Let's Play Minecraft - Roosterteeth series
• No luca no - Rage Quit - Roosterteeth Series
• A scene that I have barely remembered from the Vladimir Tod series
• Mystic Elf Water Maiden - Reign of Dragons

These were the ideas that I liked most from the major brainstorming I did beforehand. 

I liked all of these ideas for various of reasons. Except they all share one main idea- they are all apart of interests that I happene to like a lot, mainly books, tv shows, and other things that I happened to be a fan of. 

Let's start with Metalocalypse, this television show is unique on it's own standing. It's so interesting. The cartoon mainly centers around the lives of the godly-like famous musicians that are all apart a death metal band called, "Dethklok". Apparently, their fame can be described as famous as the beatles, but a 100 times more then the beatles. The series pokes fun, and celebrates the culture that is metal. 

Anyways, there are 5 people that make up Dethklok are Nathan Explosion, Skwisgaar Skwigelf, Toki Wartooth, William Muderface, and Pickles (Seriously that is his full name. Pickles. Pretty cool, huh?) Even though they will not admit it, to other people, the super force 5 remain as a very dysfunctional family. They act like normal people, not like the gods the people expect to be. Dethklok happened to run into many unlucky situations, yet their band manager saves the day, somehow. It's still a mystery to me how Charles Foster Ofdensen (their band manager) can always come to their help. Without him, every single of them would be dead, murdered, homeless, helpless, or any kind of worst case of scenerio. 

Regardless of dependent Dethklok is towards Charles, the band provides a presentation of what it means to be the best band ever- A group of buttholes that are mainly indifferent to everything, and everybody, including to each other. Yet, they are the kind of buttholes that you like, and dislike at the same time- kind of like your best friends. 

My favorite episode of all time is Season 4, Episode 7, Dethcamp. 


Nathan proves himself to be more then somebody who only cares about brutatily, groupies, and living the luxurious lifestyle. Those who think this can simply watch the episode, as Nathan beats the bloody pulp of another butthole who wants to hurt dethklok, in some form or away. Nathan is shown to care about the band, in general, and to the people he cares about. He cares. 


Usually, he's like oh that is brutal, or that's brutal, but no, he shown a side where his fury rages to cause hell for somebody, because that somebody hurt a friend of his. 

I already knew that he did care about the band, in general, before, but I like to gush about this episode. 

In relation, there is a couple of my favorites quotes of his, in this episode, " Oh shit, kid. You've just fuck up real bad." "Tell me, which hand do you fret with?" Along with the fact that the other band members went in their sleeping wear, to go save a band member is even better. All of this speaks bad ass on so many levels that I cannot even to describe- I can't. 

Then there is clips of memories involving a previous band member, and how it relates to the plot. It reveals why that guy is not a band member no more, and I am so glad that he is not apart of Dethklok. It's not the same without Toki. 

Also, the way that the band member was lying about his idenitity at that camp was hilraious; And the snow globe is brutally adorable, I want it so bad. 

Moving on. 

Roosterteeth. Do I even have to explain the epicness that surrounds Roosterteeth, and it's Let's Plays? No- Wait, Yes?! Fine, you win. 

Roosterteeth is a company, in Austin Texas, that film videos mainly surrounding video games, their lives, and what ever antics they persaude to do. The company has many employees that write, film, edit, and what else that involves with their process. Everybody provides to what is Roosterteeth, no matter how big, or small their role is; Everybodys' part is important. They are like a big family, which includes all the distant relatives that is their fans.

From what I know, there is Gus, Burnie, Geoff, Gavin, Michael, Jack, Ray, Ryan, Kerry, Miles, Monty, Lindsay, Kara, Barbara, Liz, Joel, Chris, Natalie, Griffon, Caleb, Brandon, and Ali. I know there are definitely a lot more employees, but these are the employees that I can remember off the top of my head. 

Also, Griffon left to do her own thing, but I still consider her apart of the Roosterteeth family. 

What is so amazing and admiring about Roosterteeth is that they can like jerks towards each other, and at the end of the day- it's just plain ole fun. 

Mainly, the Let's Play Minecraft series and Rage Quit series are my favorites. I would probably place Red versus blue as well, if I was familiar with it. 

ANYWAYS, Ragequit is what introduce me to a company that changed my life for the better. 

It stars Michael V. Mogar Jones, who is the amusing guinea pig that is tricked into playing the hardest modes, or simply does not know how to play a certain game, or he lacks the skill to be decent at a game. He entertains the audience with his geniune rage towards a particular game with swearing, loud rants, sarcasm, angry humor and humourous observation while he plays the game. From his appearence, you would not expect the kid to be a smart alec with the rage that the hulk cannot compare. And the hulk transforms when he is mad, so imagine what would happened to michael if given the same ability. He's a nice kid, but this series shows that he can stand his own ground, nor he will not take anybody's shit. 
"No luca no" is a particular favorite of myself, and a friend's of mine as well; which one of the sketches in the previously one with the cat who parms can stretch like slenderman, and enderman. It's so amusing to see somebody rage towards something so pointless, that I would probably pay this kid to rage about anything; Geoff already does this. It's a memory that brought laughter to me, and best friend. 

Then there are the Minecraft Let's Play series- it surrounds- 

I really want to release my inner Michael V. Mogar Rage Quit Jones side, right now. I really do, because I already written why I like the Let's Play Minecraft Series, and the Chronicles of Vladimir Tod. NO. THE APP. THE APP HAD TO LOG ME OUT- WITHOUT ME SAVING. 

What am I supposed to do?! WRITE IT AGAIN?! I can't, because the culminating is due in 8 and a half hours, which I can't afford to spend any more time on this post. The teacher will not give me anymore time. Literally, I want to bang my head on a table, or burn sweetgrass, or to stab some cheese, or to break some glass, or rang the neck of a stuff animal. I am livid. It is hard to not swear in this post. I am done with this. 

The main reason I like all of these ideas because it amuses me, or it is associate with a memory. Otherwise, it is irrelevant.

 The metalocalypse sketch is definitely the best sketch, because it has a variety of anatomy, poses, objects, emotion, and features that I liked in that episode of Metalocalypse; which is all crammed into one page. It's like a collage, which I adore the sketch even moreso. 

If I had time, then I would have worked harder on the sketches, combining aspects, and the creative process. In actuality, I procastinate a lot, I stress out a lot, I do not sleep well enough to focus on all of my priorites,  I worried too much, and I have other school courses that I have to deal with. To be honest, I also have could have spend my free time on this culminating, instead of television shows, reading, and watching youtube videos. Nope, I did not learn my lesson from the last semester, or the semester before that. 


In spite of the time I've managed to waste- to be honest, I had a lot more fun making a ton of mistakes while sketching, then attempting to be perfect. I was laughing with glee while making this mess of happy accidents that are my sketches. Each pencil stroke was tempting me to smile. I'm not ashamed to say that I drew a lot of fanart, rather then original-based art pieces.

I deciate this to that guy we skyped the day before, on monday, Dick Hogg. I used to be so afraid of making mistakes that it have withdraw my liking towards art into fear, and plain misery. Easily, I was frustrated with everything that I did, related to art, that I stop making art for long periods of time. It was not a good time. 

However, after we skyped with Dick Hogg, it left a good feeling to do art again. To not care about how it looked was amazing, as I drew cartoonish ghosts, and shadow-y Sid Viscious. 

Although, the day before we skyped with that guy, I was already laughing at what I have drawn that night- Roosterteeth and Hot Hoof crosssover art piece. It was so cartoonish that I've loved it so much. That guy, he just provided a greater fuel of moviation to draw some more. 

Which I did with no dread, at all. 

Now my drawings in the future may not be so rubbish. Ahah.

Warning that there are swears written on these sketches, more then once; 

Here are a few ideas that I had in mind to use- maybe; 

Tuesday 11 June 2013

The art culminating is here, Part 3; brain storming.

Since my previous list is lost by my carelessness, I decided to start a new list, but it will be much, much bigger. Will I still go with my previous plans for the project? Definitely. I keep my word.

A small error such as this one is miminal.

What is this for long list of endless ideas for? 

The art culminating. 

I have decided to take a break to further update my blog to present my progression for the art culminating. I must say, I am doing pretty well from previous standards. 

Friday 7 June 2013

Art Culminating is here- The Sequel

I checked the previous blog post I made before, and- I sound so formal that it is not who I am. *insert awkward laughter* If you know me then you would probably laugh at how my writing is a big contrast to how I speak.

ANYWAYS, I have a plan to succeed this year. I am confident to what I have in "store" for my fellow art, AND career teacher. It may revolve a little persuasive on both ends, but I am deicated to prove all those who have the slightest doubt about me.

I made a huge list about what is my life, and I still sure that there is more to me then what I have written down, so far. It includes my favorable, and disagreeable interests, hobbies, memories, my strengths and weaknesses, influences based on my life, and who I have encounter in my life. Yet, I feel there is so much more that I can write down- which I will this weekend.

Did I do any kind of art? If you count a few casual drawings, then yes, I did. I know a hell a lot more then that, but I am going to course myself to success.

It is still an evident secret to what approach I have for this culminating,


Just kidding, if I were to laugh like that in actual life, then I would be the lord of darkness. If anybody understands that reference, then you deserve a cookie. Bloody hell, I might even buy you a cookie jar for understanding it.

Other then that, I believe we are done discussing my current progress. However, there will be more to come for those who have taken an interest, and for those who might take an interest in the future (I do not want to accidently exclude anybody).