Friday 21 June 2013

Reflecting & Evaluating

I was going to write a fake interview, but I do not have enough timn to afford such things.

Moving on.

Our learning goal is mainly to create an art piece, by following every step of the creative process- careful planning, if you will. 

Did I achieved the learning goals of this self representation project? 

Even though following the creative process was a struggle itself, I know that I reached that goal. It is because I produced an artwork. Also, followed every step and then blogging about the high and lows of each step, and I had actual fun following the steps. 

If that was not reaching our seemingly simple, yet time consuming goal, then how would you attain such high expectations? Hm. 

Did you use your time to the best of your ability?

If you know, even if you said hi to me once, then you know that I lack time managaement skills. A lot is lacking. I did not invested my time until the very last 5 days of the course. That being said, it would be lying, and truthful if I used my time to the best of my ability.

How so?

For the very last days, I spend most of my free time upon this art project, and any other thing related to school was irrelevant to me. Surprisely, I have managed to finished the creative process in 5 days, no more. What were the odds of that, eh?

 I'm canadian, that is how we do it around in our igloos.

Nevertheless, iy is not a secret that if your work hard towards something, you will be awarded equally to your hard work, and boy, it did. I managed to finish an assignment that was 30% percent of my course, in such a short time too. I am quite proud of myself for doing so- that does not happened often.

To those reading this blog post, I appreciate the fact that you even viewed my blog. It means a lot.

Sorry, I did not mean to get all sappy, but I want you to know that I appreciate your efforts. That does not happened a lot either.

To appreciate for what you have is rarely seen now-a-days,amongst anybody, especially when changes are happening for anybody.

If I could change anything, to be honest this art culminating was a changing experience for me, for the better. I would not change anything, because sure, I'd wish I could have used more of the time I was given before the due date. In spit of myself wishing for more time being spent, or for other particular things, the phrase " Everything happens for a reason."  applies here.

If I would have done something different from what happened, then I would not have learn the things I have learn from all of this, the self representation project.

What did I learn?

I would not have learned that time management is important. Also, I would not have learned that it is okay to make mistakes, after all, I intend to think that everything must be a spectacular masterpiece for a new york art gallery. Then I would not have learned that if I do not make mistakes, then how could I improve at all? Then I learned that following this process makes you think, you learn a few things, and it helps you organized your planning a lot better. Overall, I feel that this assignment offered more then what I thought it be as- it's exceptional.

It is just that I am lazy, so to give me the responsibility of something so time consuming that I either stressed out to the point that I hand in something that can qualify as poop, or I do not do it all. This assignment proves that I can do better then what people expect of me. I like that.

Speaking of the creative process, it provides a lot of questions that I can easily break down my thoughts into the appropiate sections, by each question. Yes, I have already mentioned that this crwative process takes some time. Yet you feel so proud of what you written, because the questions covered a lot that results in a lot of content to provide to those who are reading it. Additionally, I am a fan of answering questions, despite the struggle of providing decent entertaintment to the reader.

Likewise, to recieve feedback from others have also provided great help to approaching the learning goal of this assignment. By providing some sort of direction that I can either accept it and move onto the next step, or to reject this direction and to attempt to create my new path.

 However, it would be silly to reject their help, because these persons have taken the time out of their day to help you. Besides, why would you waste time on something that has already been provide by another, for  you? Possibly someone whose stubborn would act this way.

I do not mind acquring help from others. In truth, I love to recieve help because you learn how to do that thing that you've been struggling with all along.

Other then that, I supposed that I do not have any other thoughts on the matter.

Cheers! It was nice working with internet, which I hope to work again very soon with my fellow comrades, that are anonymous.

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  1. Wow, what a lot of great information!

    Shavone, I really do appreciate your writing; it reflects your thinking -- so many ideas happening all at once. That's ok, especially because we have the chance to have dialogue. As you mentioned, there is so much value in receiving feedback, and I'm glad that you have started to appreciate it as well.

    You know what really surprised me? I had assumed that you wouldn't really like following the steps of the Creative Process, but I've seen such a huge improvement in your work because of it! I had assumed that you would be the kind of person who would rather complete the final artwork without planning, but you really began to show some skills as you shared each step through your blog posts. I'm proud of you.