Friday 21 June 2013

Revising & Refining

Well, I'd shared my work with 7 different persons, and almost everybody has given me feedback- only 2 persons have not replied. 

The first person said, "Good, you're getting there. Proud of you for doing your work. One suggestion is to maybe make your lines more defined and stuff. Darken it up a bit?" 

I replied, "Thanks. And these are guidelines for the watercolour and paint, mainly. So that is why it so messy, thin, and a little shaky-looking."

Then that person responded with "Oh watercolour!!! My favorite! Now I see your technique." 

I thanked, then agreed with that person. 

After I showed the second person, this person commented, "Ok." I immediately included, "Well, they're guidelines for water colour, and painting."

Then this person reciprocated with their suggestion, "It looks good, but I think with the paint, it will look way better."

I agreed with this person, and then thanked the person for their opinion, and suggestion.

Soon followed by another person who supported me, with more feeback "It's really good. I like the whole setup, and I loved that you said that's your favorite one out of the novel series."

Which I acknowledged by thanking this person, then I asked for anything that I can improve on the art piece. 

Thus the person returned with, "Lol. No problem stink, (my group of friends referred to each other as "stink", or "stinks", as a term of endearment) and not that I can think of. Overall, it's really good." 

Again, I'd say thanks to the person. 

Later, I have recieved more feedback from another person, "K. That's really good. I really do like it." 

As expected, I have thanked this person, and then I, of course, asked for any kind of improvement. 

This person does not think so, which I'd easily accepted their answer. 

Yet, I knew that there is always something I can improve on- but I did not argued with the person. 

Instead, I'd thanked the person, and to have made my merry way onto other matters, such as studying for my exam. 

Lastly, our final person had trouble viewing the content.

 Hence, I have chose to solve our problem by sending the photos, of the original novel cover and drawing to Jane Doe; to be attended with my short commentary. 

Eagerily, Jane doe returned of what I'd requested- feeback, " That looks really awesome *insert smile-y face* like super good job."

I inquire for improvement, and suggestion. 

Jane Doe types back with, "No, it looks awesome the way it is! *insert smile-y face*."

Again, I provided courtesy with some more thanks, and Jane Doe responds with "No problem. *insert smile-y face*."

In reality, only two out of the five persons have provided both feedback, and suggestions. 

Now, I do not mind compliments, in fact compliments can improve my day with instant smiling from me. However, I'd feel that compliments leave me no further direction towards improvement. Instead, I inferred it as that it is perfect, as in we do not want any changes- perfect is a flaw itself. To be honest, I do not like changes either, but I rather not limit myself - to what people want it to be. In preference, I would welcome changed to my arms then limits, any day. 

By the two persons suggestions, and to have agreed with all of it, I am going to use the suggestions for the final draft.

Through the medium of creating define guidelines, then fulfilling particular gaps with the favourable art mediums- watercolour, acraylic paint, and possibly charcoal. 

Other then that, I feel that there is no need for more changes, as I am sastified with my preliminary. 

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