Wednesday 19 June 2013

Planning & Focusing

In the previous post that I've made, I have presented many ideas that I could have possibly use entirely; or to draw more ideas from that idea; like a flow chart. 

My ideas;
• Dethcamp - Metalocalypse
• Typical Michael and Gavin antics - Let's Play Minecraft - Roosterteeth series
• No luca no - Rage Quit - Roosterteeth Series
• A scene that I have barely remembered from the Vladimir Tod series
• Mystic Elf Water Maiden - Reign of Dragons

These were the ideas that I liked most from the major brainstorming I did beforehand. 

I liked all of these ideas for various of reasons. Except they all share one main idea- they are all apart of interests that I happene to like a lot, mainly books, tv shows, and other things that I happened to be a fan of. 

Let's start with Metalocalypse, this television show is unique on it's own standing. It's so interesting. The cartoon mainly centers around the lives of the godly-like famous musicians that are all apart a death metal band called, "Dethklok". Apparently, their fame can be described as famous as the beatles, but a 100 times more then the beatles. The series pokes fun, and celebrates the culture that is metal. 

Anyways, there are 5 people that make up Dethklok are Nathan Explosion, Skwisgaar Skwigelf, Toki Wartooth, William Muderface, and Pickles (Seriously that is his full name. Pickles. Pretty cool, huh?) Even though they will not admit it, to other people, the super force 5 remain as a very dysfunctional family. They act like normal people, not like the gods the people expect to be. Dethklok happened to run into many unlucky situations, yet their band manager saves the day, somehow. It's still a mystery to me how Charles Foster Ofdensen (their band manager) can always come to their help. Without him, every single of them would be dead, murdered, homeless, helpless, or any kind of worst case of scenerio. 

Regardless of dependent Dethklok is towards Charles, the band provides a presentation of what it means to be the best band ever- A group of buttholes that are mainly indifferent to everything, and everybody, including to each other. Yet, they are the kind of buttholes that you like, and dislike at the same time- kind of like your best friends. 

My favorite episode of all time is Season 4, Episode 7, Dethcamp. 


Nathan proves himself to be more then somebody who only cares about brutatily, groupies, and living the luxurious lifestyle. Those who think this can simply watch the episode, as Nathan beats the bloody pulp of another butthole who wants to hurt dethklok, in some form or away. Nathan is shown to care about the band, in general, and to the people he cares about. He cares. 


Usually, he's like oh that is brutal, or that's brutal, but no, he shown a side where his fury rages to cause hell for somebody, because that somebody hurt a friend of his. 

I already knew that he did care about the band, in general, before, but I like to gush about this episode. 

In relation, there is a couple of my favorites quotes of his, in this episode, " Oh shit, kid. You've just fuck up real bad." "Tell me, which hand do you fret with?" Along with the fact that the other band members went in their sleeping wear, to go save a band member is even better. All of this speaks bad ass on so many levels that I cannot even to describe- I can't. 

Then there is clips of memories involving a previous band member, and how it relates to the plot. It reveals why that guy is not a band member no more, and I am so glad that he is not apart of Dethklok. It's not the same without Toki. 

Also, the way that the band member was lying about his idenitity at that camp was hilraious; And the snow globe is brutally adorable, I want it so bad. 

Moving on. 

Roosterteeth. Do I even have to explain the epicness that surrounds Roosterteeth, and it's Let's Plays? No- Wait, Yes?! Fine, you win. 

Roosterteeth is a company, in Austin Texas, that film videos mainly surrounding video games, their lives, and what ever antics they persaude to do. The company has many employees that write, film, edit, and what else that involves with their process. Everybody provides to what is Roosterteeth, no matter how big, or small their role is; Everybodys' part is important. They are like a big family, which includes all the distant relatives that is their fans.

From what I know, there is Gus, Burnie, Geoff, Gavin, Michael, Jack, Ray, Ryan, Kerry, Miles, Monty, Lindsay, Kara, Barbara, Liz, Joel, Chris, Natalie, Griffon, Caleb, Brandon, and Ali. I know there are definitely a lot more employees, but these are the employees that I can remember off the top of my head. 

Also, Griffon left to do her own thing, but I still consider her apart of the Roosterteeth family. 

What is so amazing and admiring about Roosterteeth is that they can like jerks towards each other, and at the end of the day- it's just plain ole fun. 

Mainly, the Let's Play Minecraft series and Rage Quit series are my favorites. I would probably place Red versus blue as well, if I was familiar with it. 

ANYWAYS, Ragequit is what introduce me to a company that changed my life for the better. 

It stars Michael V. Mogar Jones, who is the amusing guinea pig that is tricked into playing the hardest modes, or simply does not know how to play a certain game, or he lacks the skill to be decent at a game. He entertains the audience with his geniune rage towards a particular game with swearing, loud rants, sarcasm, angry humor and humourous observation while he plays the game. From his appearence, you would not expect the kid to be a smart alec with the rage that the hulk cannot compare. And the hulk transforms when he is mad, so imagine what would happened to michael if given the same ability. He's a nice kid, but this series shows that he can stand his own ground, nor he will not take anybody's shit. 
"No luca no" is a particular favorite of myself, and a friend's of mine as well; which one of the sketches in the previously one with the cat who parms can stretch like slenderman, and enderman. It's so amusing to see somebody rage towards something so pointless, that I would probably pay this kid to rage about anything; Geoff already does this. It's a memory that brought laughter to me, and best friend. 

Then there are the Minecraft Let's Play series- it surrounds- 

I really want to release my inner Michael V. Mogar Rage Quit Jones side, right now. I really do, because I already written why I like the Let's Play Minecraft Series, and the Chronicles of Vladimir Tod. NO. THE APP. THE APP HAD TO LOG ME OUT- WITHOUT ME SAVING. 

What am I supposed to do?! WRITE IT AGAIN?! I can't, because the culminating is due in 8 and a half hours, which I can't afford to spend any more time on this post. The teacher will not give me anymore time. Literally, I want to bang my head on a table, or burn sweetgrass, or to stab some cheese, or to break some glass, or rang the neck of a stuff animal. I am livid. It is hard to not swear in this post. I am done with this. 

The main reason I like all of these ideas because it amuses me, or it is associate with a memory. Otherwise, it is irrelevant.

 The metalocalypse sketch is definitely the best sketch, because it has a variety of anatomy, poses, objects, emotion, and features that I liked in that episode of Metalocalypse; which is all crammed into one page. It's like a collage, which I adore the sketch even moreso. 

If I had time, then I would have worked harder on the sketches, combining aspects, and the creative process. In actuality, I procastinate a lot, I stress out a lot, I do not sleep well enough to focus on all of my priorites,  I worried too much, and I have other school courses that I have to deal with. To be honest, I also have could have spend my free time on this culminating, instead of television shows, reading, and watching youtube videos. Nope, I did not learn my lesson from the last semester, or the semester before that. 

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