Friday 21 June 2013

Presenting & Performing

Instead of simply showing the final art
piece, I have chose to show a step-by-step process AND to show the final art piece. 


Here is what I am attempting to create a tribute to- The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod, 3rd book, Tenth Grade Bleeds. Tenth Grade does indeed bleeds, like hell. ANYWAYS, here is what I have started with; 

Alternatively, I chose to not trace a whole new page just for guidelines. Why waste time when I already have what I need? Plus I have the ability to make a mess- somehow. So would matter if I proceed to act more neat? No. 

First, I did was to watercolour the vampire-like smile-y to purple. 

Second, I added black to every other gap to create a similar resemblance to the original novel cover- Tenth Grade Bleeds. 

Third, I have used charcoal to darken the black watercolour section. Then I created a background, by blending, with my finger, to thust the extra charcoal around Vladimir Tod. This is to create an atmosphere. 

Fourth, if any of you can noticed the difference, I use a tortillon to soothe the rough finger blending. In order to make the charcoal shading-like background more of a haze. 

Fifth, if the face has charcoal, then all other gaps that appear as skin should have charcoal as well. I did this to give Vladimir Tod a more realistic look, with the shading on the skin. 

Finally, I decided to use black acrylic paint on top of the black layer. So, then the art piece can have more texture when you feel it- that is.

That is it. 


  1. Shavone, you're already aware that I'm a fan of your style. When you commit to creating an artwork, you shine: your talent is given freedom, and there is an energy in every piece you make.
    My challenge to you: can you explain how this artwork is a representation of yourself? I would love to hear the connection.
    Keep up the good work!

    1. Hey Mrs.Rose, it feels good that you commented again on my content TBH. Also, thanks for supporting mel; God knows what would have happned if you were not there for me, for these 2 past years. Before you provided this challenge, I already planned that I would explained the choice for my self representation project. It just that it would be revealed a little later on, maybe tonight, or tomorrow? Although it is not a promise. Keep that in mind. Damn right I will- I strive to not lose this art high that I have right now! Ahah.