Friday 7 June 2013

Art Culminating is here- The Sequel

I checked the previous blog post I made before, and- I sound so formal that it is not who I am. *insert awkward laughter* If you know me then you would probably laugh at how my writing is a big contrast to how I speak.

ANYWAYS, I have a plan to succeed this year. I am confident to what I have in "store" for my fellow art, AND career teacher. It may revolve a little persuasive on both ends, but I am deicated to prove all those who have the slightest doubt about me.

I made a huge list about what is my life, and I still sure that there is more to me then what I have written down, so far. It includes my favorable, and disagreeable interests, hobbies, memories, my strengths and weaknesses, influences based on my life, and who I have encounter in my life. Yet, I feel there is so much more that I can write down- which I will this weekend.

Did I do any kind of art? If you count a few casual drawings, then yes, I did. I know a hell a lot more then that, but I am going to course myself to success.

It is still an evident secret to what approach I have for this culminating,


Just kidding, if I were to laugh like that in actual life, then I would be the lord of darkness. If anybody understands that reference, then you deserve a cookie. Bloody hell, I might even buy you a cookie jar for understanding it.

Other then that, I believe we are done discussing my current progress. However, there will be more to come for those who have taken an interest, and for those who might take an interest in the future (I do not want to accidently exclude anybody).

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