Friday 24 May 2013

Art culminating is here

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Dear Internet,

when I was previously attempting to write this blog post, I was beating around the brush with the purpose of this blog post- 20 more school days, and we have to hand in our art culminating. What is insane that we create this idea where we have all the time in the world, but we do not have all the time in the world? Maybe it is to soothe our uprising worries of whatever we are assigned to finish by days later? Or maybe we just want to believe we can find the good in our situations. What does this have to do with my final art project? The many questions I asked myself are time consuming, but I will give it a try.
I worry that I will not be able to finish what I have in mind. I worry that if I will not be able to finish this idea, then I will be satisfied to settle with any other idea. Then this leads me to worry about receiving my art credit. Then I can finish high school in two years, and go live the life I have always wanted to- if I receive the art credit, that is. Other than that, I am confident, heavily interested, and glad to have the opportunity to complete a project as open-minded as to present who I am.
I am very confident to what I am going do for this project. It may be time consuming, but I have all the time in the world, other than the few commitments I have every week. Literally, I have a quarter of a day (6 hours) all to myself. I feel that I should take advantage of my spare time to commit to my project, who would not? To not spend my time to create what I want to do is simply absurd, and a waste to anybody else. Otherwise, I am so lazy that I rather waste my time doing nothing, then what I would love to do, to create art for my enjoyment.
To be honest, I spend my time towards other matters to comfort the fact that I know I am going to fail. I feel the need to suddenly do other things, to support my negative attitude of placing myself into automatic failure; I do not want to fail.  However, to say you are going to fail, already you have failed to know, that you have not give a thought to continue on with what you are assigned to. For me to give up is not what I want to happened to myself- to be someone who easily gives up upon noticing even the slightest challenges. No, I want to be a juggernaut who can strive through even the hardest of adversities; this is who I strived to be.
After addressing my main concerns, I did not realized, but I have thought hard about all of this. I should not be so negative, and stressed out about my culminating in art. In fact, I could be happy that we are approaching the culminating. Why? It is the last assignment to do in the course to finished, and then it is summer! To know that I have spent another five months with this class is unbelievably nice. Instead of doing what the teacher wants for an assignment, the class has the opportunity to go ballistic with this assignment; which we can create masterpieces of epic proportions of art that no one but the artist can comprehend, even if they are familiar strangers. Now, I am kind of excited to approach this final task.
In actuality, I feel very confident about the entire project, after discussing it all with myself.
So, what shall I use for my magnum opus (so far)?
Here’s a hint, it requires drawing pencils, drafting techniques, a lot, and a lot of paper, rulers, pencil crayons, water colours, markers, charcoal, a sketch book with many pages (100+), glue, acrylic paint, painting brushes, magazines, and many references (photos) from the internet, tape and henna. If you can guess, then congratulations, I am either very obvious with my hint, or you have a knowledge for what I am going to approach in the near future, or both. I believe I have placed enough content for each requirement of the first step, of our creative process. For now, it is time to appropriately say goodbye to the internet audience, but I will not say farewell, or goodbye. In preference, I am going to say this- I guess I will see all of you sometime again, and we will, if fate allows it.


Arianna Lilith.