Wednesday 20 February 2013

What am I doing?

Two weeks ago, it was the start of a new semester, or term, or what other words you have a favorable preference for the new start of school. A whole term for everybody to stress out about, and attempt to succeed to a certain degree. Why am I talking about school and stress?

Currently, I am at my school typing this writing piece in order to get a decent grade. This first post is supposed to be about my defintion of art. It's an assignment. -insert sigh here- She wanted us to create a standard, professional art blog that should provide a personality for various of reasons, like reaching a broader audience to show my art, to create an online art portfoilo, to know another weirdo on the interwebs, etc. I would have to admit, that I like the fact she tries new ideas, and projects to provide a better understand of what this course is all about- visual arts, and how you can apply your artistic skills in the 'real world'.

I have one problem- I'm an artist, and yet I can not easily define art (This what stresses me, to the point of hair loss on the crown of my head *rips hair out*.) How am I supposed to define a word that contains more meanings, then I can considered, to a simple statement? There are geishas, muscians, painters, authors, chefs, film directors, dancers, visual art, craftsmanship, video games, music, literature, dedicated liars, etc. Many people think art is just visual arts, and others think different mediums are art. I would consider the two groups mentioned above as their beliefs are both right.

You can not just say art is all visual- or maybe it is, but I believe art is so much more then that.



  1. Ah, what a problem! Perhaps the whole point of the assignment is to help you discover that you can't define art. Perhaps the whole point of having a teacher is to make you think, and of course to learn. Perhaps it it even to have you share your learning to help others learn.

    I love reading about your thinking and when you put it here, you are allowing me (and others) to enjoy it with you. Isn't that what being an artisti is all about? Sharing?

    If those geishas, musicians, painters, authors, chefs, film directors, dancers, visual artists, etc. didn't share, would we call them artists?

    What do you think?

  2. Thank you for sharing your thinking about the definition of art. Your thoughts made me question my own definition - as a teacher. It made me realize that I have always had a very simple definition - if the work is pleasing to my eye and evokes an emotion in me, then it is art. Isn't it really in the "eye of the beholder"? But I wonder now, if it actually is possible to define "art".

    Thanks for making me think and reconsider my limited notions...I now wonder if this assignment for grades is now more than just another assignment? I look forward to your response!